Back to Source

Whenever I start to feel tired or restless, I always go and sit directly on the ground in a park or in the forest with my back against a tree. I sit and I rest. Sometimes an hour will pass. I listen. I “do nothing.” But I have discovered that in the “doing nothing”, there is much being done.

I have found myself recently staring into the tree canopies towards the clouds, just resting my gaze there. I’ll start sending questions into the sky. And without fail, I am always met with answers. These answers arrive in my heart as a tender voice, soft guidance that could not be heard without stillness.

I am reminded in these moments that this is from which we source our vitality. That there is much richness within us that is asking us to come back to it. Trees are always a good reminder of the medicine of silence, of stillness, of extracting energy through roots planted deep into the soil, and that we always have access to this source of energy, anytime we remember to come back to it.



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