Resist and Release

The word “release” is just as misused and misunderstood in the spiritual community as the word “resist” is in the activist community. Anything that you “release” never fully leaves you. Rather, you form a new understanding, relationship or channel of communication with it. The aim should really be to “integrate” and not to “release” what is no longer desirable or needed, because releasing can unintentionally become a way to suppress or deny an aspect of yourself. Instead, we can acknowledge parts of ourselves previously denied and better position those aspects of ourselves for our own optimization and well-being.

Whenever you “resist” something, claim it as separate from yourself or deem it unacceptable, you actually subconsciously amplify its power over you. What you do not own or see yourself as being a part of, you have no control over. That’s why instead of “resisting”, we may want to be “transforming” or “revolutionizing.” Both words more explicitly claim responsibility and ownership (and more importantly, control) over the current circumstances.



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