What the body and mind seek is resolution, no matter how large or small your experience. There is a reason why the circle is one of the most prevalent shapes in our reality and in nature, and why we call it “the circle of life.” To move forward, we need an ending. We need resolution. When we don’t find resolution, we end up suppressing emotions and hurtful experiences that accumulate like sediment at the bottom of a glass over time. By not fully digesting these experiences when they happen and creating a meaningful understanding or takeaway from them, they never fully leave us and remain with us like ghosts of the past.

When we experience a negative emotion, we tend to want to run away from it or distract ourselves from it. What we don’t want to actively think about or deal with in the moment moves into the subconscious, and the “sediment” from feelings ignored become unwanted behaviors and subconscious blocks over time.

The point is that we must feel pain and not run from it. We must face our pain. We must heal ourselves from our past, both individually and collectively. When the ghosts from Christmas past come knocking, invite them in. Make each ghost a welcome guest, because as Rumi says, each is a guide from beyond.



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